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Apple App Store Apple’s online store for browsing, purchasing, and downloading apps for its iOS devices. Also known as the iTunes Store.
App Studio app Your app that you create. An App Studio app is a customized and branded reader that lets your customers download and read App Studio issues. You can create an App Studio app either using one of the pre-defined app templates in App Studio Factory or with the App Studio Framework. Your App Studio app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for use on the iPad.
App Studio app certificate A file created by the App Studio Publishing Portal that is required in order to build an app using App Studio Factory. The certificate is the glue that connects the app with the app definition and setup on the Publishing Portal
App Studio Factory Free standalone Mac OS X software (included with QuarkXPress 9.1 or later) that enables you to create customized App Studio apps using one of the predefined templates.
App Studio Factory app template App Studio Factory comes with several app templates that offer different functionalities, such as the ability to download issues or the ability to embed a single issue app. You can customize App Studio templates with your own branding and design. Additional app templates can be downloaded from the Quark Web site.
App Studio Factory app template license A license to use a particular App Studio Factory app template. App template licenses can be purchased on the Quark Store or from an Authorized Quark Reseller.

Note that if you use the App Studio Framework to create your app, you do not need this license, because your purchase of the Framework includes a license to create an unlimited number of App Studio apps.
App Studio issue A high-end interactive content file that you create in QuarkXPress 9 and export as an AVE file to be read by your App Studio app.
App Studio issue license pack You can create App Studio issue files for free using QuarkXPress 9. When you are ready to publish an issue file to an App Studio app, you must purchase an App Studio issue license pack. These are available in a variety of quantities.
App Studio Issue Previewer A free app that lets you test your App Studio issues. Download this app to your iPad from the Apple App Store, or install it on your Mac and run it in the iOS Simulator.
App Studio layout A dedicated layout space available in QuarkXPress 9.1 and later for the creation of App Studio issues. This layout type has specific properties to make the design process more efficient, such as the ability to manage layouts for multiple devices and orientations, as well as the ability to synchronize content and page properties between them.
App Studio Publishing Portal A free Web site where App Studio customers can manage their App Studio apps and issue files. Here you can also redeem App Studio Factory app template licenses and App Studio issue license packs.
App Studio Reader Framework Development framework for larger organizations that may want to create highly customized apps. You can license the Framework from Quark. Contact us for details.
AVE The file format for an App Studio issue. There are two AVE file types: AVE-Mag and AVE-Doc. AVE-Mag is the primary format for App Studio issues that provides the most advanced interactivity; the AVE-Doc format is simple (similar to a PDF viewer) and is limited to basic zooming capabilities.
iOS iOS is Apple's mobile operating system. Originally developed for the iPhone, it has since been extended to support other Apple devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad.
iTunes Store Apple’s store for the purchase and download of content. It includes an App Store where customers can purchase and download apps.
Layout Family A group of layouts that represents a single App Studio issue. One layout family might include a horizontal layout for the iPad, a vertical layout for a different type of tablet, and both vertical and horizontal layouts for a third type of tablet. All of the layouts in a layout family are bound to one another in terms of page count and sequence and share a common layout properties dialog.
Layout slideshow A slideshow that displays the pages of a different layout in the project. This allows you to design each slide of a slideshow in QuarkXPress.
Page stacks A feature that lets you organize sections of content into "stacks" of pages. On the iPad, the user can display a horizontal line of thumbnails, each of which represents a section of content (such as an article or section in a magazine). Users can scroll vertically to navigate within a section or horizontally to navigate between sections.
Scroll Markers Boxes that trigger actions within an issue when they scroll into and out of view. For example, you can create a slideshow, then use markers in a scrollable layout to change the slide as different parts of the story appear.
Scrollable layout A scrollable area in an App Studio issue that provides a way for readers to view content by flicking or scrolling through the content in a single page. Scrollable layouts are a unique feature of tablet content design, making them distinct from traditional, page-based print layouts. Once you set up a scrollable layout, you can populate it with a variety of content, including text, large panoramic pictures, or a series of interactive elements. Scrollable layouts can be used in multiple layouts within an App Studio layout family.
UDID Unique Device Identifier. Essentially an iPad serial number that can be retrieved through iTunes.
Xcode Xcode is the complete toolset for building Mac OS X and iOS applications.

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