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QuarkXPress Business – One Suite, Many Possibilities

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art digital publishing platform for businesses, government, and educational institutions. This platform allows you to create, publish, distribute, track, and sell digital publications. This dedicated, cloud-based admin console gives you complete control over managing licenses, subscription terms, and users.

Create it Once, Distribute it Everywhere


Empower your creative teams with the all-new QuarkXPress for both print and digital publications.

Graphics & Illustrations

From single issues to multi-publications, QuarkXPress has you covered. It offers easy planning and managing of periodicals such as magazines & newspapers.

Photo Editing

Use the cloud-based App Studio to distribute your content as iOS and Android apps for an amazing reading experience.

Web Publication

Track and analyze your readers’ activities with integrated Google Analytics, which shows page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shared and more.

Mobile App Publication

Set up free or paid subscriptions of your branded apps both on App Store and Google Play.

Produce Amazing Collaterals in QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress offers industry-leading capabilities to enhance the work of those in publishing and design. It’s a seamless platform for designing and publishing various kinds of content for — print, web, and mobile.

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Start Creating Digital Masterpieces

With QuarkXPress Business as your all-in-one solution, you’ll have everything you need to create your digital masterpiece. We make it easy to transform a print version into a digital publication.

Interactivity for Superior User Experience

Let your audience engage and interact with your publications. Showcase interactive elements – audio/video, animation, actionable buttons, slideshows, surveys, zoom, scroll, and rotation.

Reach your Target Audience

Release single issue or multi-issue publications for your target audience with exciting stories, digital catalogs, and binge-worthy news.

Publish for any Format

Push your publications on multiple channels in multiple formats. Distribute and let your audience access publications on their preferred devices, no matter the operating system and screen size.

Monitor, Measure and Improve Content

When you know how users react and engage with your publications you can make informed decisions. Our integrated analytics help you track and analyze viewed pages, time spent on them, most searched and shared topics, interaction behavior, and more.

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Make Some Money from Publications

Publish multi-issue publications and subscriptions with free and paid versions. Create branded apps for the App Store and Google Play, while managing subscription packages, discounts, and release dates of single and multiple issue publications.

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The world’s most recognized brands are modernizing their creative teams and workflows with QuarkXPress Business. Don’t be left behind!

Let’s Start Delivering Experience and Engagement that Customers’ Love.

What You Get with QuarkXPress Business


Receive multiple licenses on a subscription-based plan for medium to large organizations. QuarkXPress supports a continuous flow of high-volume content creation.

Graphics & Illustrations
License Management

With Quark’s cloud-based license management platform you can serve as Admin to manage QuarkXPress licenses, add/remove users, and view subscription details. You can also view active user details.

Photo Editing
App Studio

Our add-on web application distributes content, tracks engagement, and analyzes content performance. With this application you can manage multi-issue publications for web and mobile users with free and paid subscriptions.

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