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Distribute Content on Multi-channel for Multi-devices

On social media, website, mobile browsers, and your branded iOS and Android apps, distribute your content on every platform, channel, and device.App Studio allows you to distribute your platform-optimized content to millions of audiences and subscribers in just a few clicks.

Single to Multi-issue Distribution

No matter if your readers are on mobile or desktop, never miss an opportunity to connect with them. Once you have published your content, you can also share and distribute it through the web reader to any device. Distribute as single or multi-publication issues, according to your release schedule. Dispensing your publications everywhere has never been easier than this.

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Deliver Unforgettable Experiences

Stop sharing monotonous posts on your social media handles to bring traffic to the same old static content or landing pages. Give your followers an experience they love. When you share content with embedded Interactivities, you engage social visitors and drives them to act.Sharing via social media and email helps to drive reader retention and acquisition.

QuarkXPress Integration

Distribute to Every Device

When it comes to generating revenue from your publications, distribute them for omnipresence – on global and local fronts. App Studio supports multiple devices, including the iPhone and the iPad, and Android. Thus, distributing to leading app stores means your publication reaches a wider audience. Promote your latest issues and offer free issues to convert readers into customers. Once you have your customers’ attention, push notifications, offline reading, and auto-download will make sure they are aware ofyour latest content and can read it anytime and anyplace.

Adding Content to Issues

Digital Publishing Made Easy with QuarkXPress Business

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QuarkXPress Business – To Design and Deliver Creative Experiences

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art Digital Publishing platform to help businesses Create, Publish, Distribute, Track, and Sell their digital publications. The objective is to empower content creators and creative teams to bring their visions to life, enabling them to publish across different channels, analyzing content performance, and generating revenue.

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