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Licensing Made Simple

No matter if you are a business that needs 10 or 100 licenses for your creative team(s), you can manage every single one of them through the dedicated web-based License Management Admin console that comes along with your QuarkXPress Business suite.

QuarkXPress Business: One Software, Many Users

License Management for QuarkXPress Business simplifies the administration of multi-seat installations and accessibility of Quark products. It provides a centralized method for managing and controlling user access to licensed copies of QuarkXPress software, App Studio application, for increasing the number of licensed copies, and instantly acquiring additional licenses as per the workflow needs.

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License Management

The Admin Portal allows easy license management, add/remove users, seek 24/7 premium technical support, quickly update features and to the latest version of QuarkXPress, and more.

  • View License Information
  • Activate/Deactivate Licenses
  • Manage Subscription Term
  • Get Activated Machine Information
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User Management

Manage user assignments at the organization level. Assign users and control their access as per the business needs.

  • View Active Assigned Users
  • Add/Remove Users
  • Add a New User with or without Admin Rights
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User Console

Once the Administrator has assigned a license to a User, the User will have access to the User Console and view information such as:

  • Total Activated and Available Licenses
  • Expiration Date of Maintenance Subscription
  • Link to Download QuarkXPress
  • List of Active Users/Computers
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Digital Publishing Made Easy with QuarkXPress

Steer Growth and Revenue from Your Content

QuarkXPress Business – To Design and Deliver Creative Experiences

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art Digital Publishing platform to help businesses Create, Publish, Distribute, Track, and Sell their digital publications. The objective is to empower content creators and creative teams to bring their visions to life, enabling them to publish across different channels, analyzing content performance, and generating revenue.

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