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Design – check. Interactivity – check. You can now put your creative brains to rest. It’s time to plan and push your publications into the worldwide digital arena to penetrate untouched markets and reach maximum readership. This is what top publishers and creative agencies do for their magazines, newspapers, eBooks, etc.

Single Issue

App Studio is a cloud-based solution, turning serious publications into brilliant digital editions. It is easier to plan, manage, and publish single-issue publications in the App Studio for web and mobile platforms.

Publish Through App Studio

Multi Issue

Your App Studio dashboard enlists all the publications you’ve created. Multiple issues are created within the specific publication and your creatively-designed content is then added into the issue. This allows adding pre-designed content from QuarkXPress. Magazine and eBook publishers use this option to create, plan, and publish multiple issues and versions of their publications.

QuarkXPress Integration

Multi Publication

Publication houses that serve their audience with exciting stories, digital catalogs, and binge-worthy news, can now publish all their content within a single app through App Studio. Multi-publishing app is like a bookshelf or library that has books and magazines of different genre and categories for the readers.

Adding Content to Issues

Digital Publishing Made Easy with QuarkXPress Business

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QuarkXPress Business – To Design and Deliver Creative Experiences

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art Digital Publishing platform to help businesses Create, Publish, Distribute, Track, and Sell their digital publications. The objective is to empower content creators and creative teams to bring their visions to life, enabling them to publish across different channels, analyzing content performance, and generating revenue.

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