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When you know how the audience reacts and engage with your publications, you can re-strategize and make informed decisions. Integrated Google Analytics in the App Studio help you track and analyze everything related to the interaction and engagement behavior of your audience.

Integrated Google Analytics

The most useful tracking and reporting tool from Google is embedded within App Studio. The objective is to help businesses understand audience behavior in real-time in the form of total time spent by a visitor on viewing content, the number of readers visiting the pages, navigating to other pages, most widely used interactive component within the content, topics searched, and content shared.

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Get Better with In-depth Analysis

Analyze the data to learn key aspects, like which parts of your content are read the most, how readers are interacting with a page, and which links receive the most clicks. Based on the analysis you can re-strategize and improvise your content with data-driven decisions to maximize your publication’s potential.

QuarkXPress Integration

Monitor to Monetize

Whether it is web or mobile, once you have distributed your content, App Studio monitors and track various parameters to get more insight into the activity of your readers with Google Analytics reporting. Tracking digital experiences of your audience means you would know what works best and what doesn’t. Thereby helping you identify triggers and come up with a plan to benefit the most.

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QuarkXPress Business – To Design and Deliver Creative Experiences

QuarkXPress Business is a state-of-the-art Digital Publishing platform to help businesses Create, Publish, Distribute, Track, and Sell their digital publications. The objective is to empower content creators and creative teams to bring their visions to life, enabling them to publish across different channels, analyzing content performance, and generating revenue.

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