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in data collection, consolidation and report creation


Time Saved

by using existing content


Increase in Efficiency

of knowledge worker

Content Automation

Most organizations feel the pressure to deliver a consistent and uniform message with every piece of content a customer sees The existing solutions are unable to serve the entire process-from creation to publication and analysis.

As a result, time is wasted, money is spent, resources are drained, and content is lost. Our Content Automation solves these issues with efficiency and accuracy, which leads to improved customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Our content automation solution enables you to cut through this complexity and eases out the entire content lifecycle.


Investment Research

Quark’s Content Automation solution allows you to create personalized and interactive research opinions and advice. You can now automatically assemble and publish to email, Web, PDFs, aggregators, tablet and smartphone apps.

With advanced authoring capabilities, analytics and highly effective graphics, you can now deliver a high-end user experience.

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Asset Management

Our solution allows you to transform the way you create, manage, publish, deliver and analyze content. With powerful authoring capabilities, you can now have more control and better data regarding your content.

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Policies and Procedures

Quark’s solution ensures that the process of reviewing, validating and approving your document is seamless. We help to speed up the that process.

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Our smart datasheet tool automates the creation of print and digital datasheets. This information can be used to enhance the production process.

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Technical Documentation

Quark offers authoring and publishing software to support your technical documentation requirement.

With its out-of-the-box DITA solution, Quark can help you work with any Document Type Definition (DTD) or schema. Depending upon the complexity of your document, it can also provide several ways to publish your technical document.


Product Labels

Labels are vital to every product. They provide necessary information to your consumers and enable a smooth supply chain. Quark understands that they involve a complex mix of functional requirements, and that’s why we provide a versatile, quality-driven capability that extends beyond pharmaceuticals.


Regulations, Standards And Codes

Quark knows that nearly every project has numerous standards that must be adhered to. Our solution offers an engineered platform to publish comprehensive standards and codes, which ensure consistent, compatible, safe and effective products and services.