Policies & Procedures

Discover how Quark can help you tame your policies and procedures.


Top Features

Reusable Content

Rapidly reuse procedures and boilerplate

Almost every procedure has boilerplate text or other content repeated from document to document. But what happens when this information changes? You end up having to manually update dozens of documents, costing you time and money. Quark Procedure Management simplifies this by letting you organize and reuse content from a central location. When you change something, the server automatically regenerates all of the related pieces for you, so you can spend more time working on the things that matter to your business.

Intuitive UI

Turn your subject matter experts into active contributors

While many content tools trade off ease of use with power and flexibility, Quark Procedure Management gives you both. With Quark Procedure Management you get both an incredibly easy to use platform and the power and flexibility of structured XML content. That means your subject matter experts can write your policies and procedures without knowing a thing about XML. Meanwhile, your technology and publishing teams get all the benefits of structured XML documents for organizing and distributing your content.

Customizable Metadata

Organize your procedures and make them discoverable

Today’s procedures are critical for business, but they’re also getting longer and more specialized. Whether your stakeholders are servicing equipment in the field, managing compliance for your company, or answering questions in customer support, they need to be able to find the right procedure for the problem they have at hand faster than ever before. Quark Procedure Management makes it easy to attach custom metadata and taxonomy to any piece of content, enabling easy search and discovery of information on modern digital delivery platforms.

Flexible, Shared Workflows

Align your teams around a single workflow

Writing procedures can involve lots of people throughout your company. Different people may need to create the content, approve the details, or perform legal review. Your procedures go through a long process from start to finish, but traditional collaboration over email inevitably results in a slow process with no accountability. Align your team using a flexible workflow and approvals platform. You’ll be able to see at a glance the status of your process while uncovering any bottlenecks.

Multi-Channel Output

Rapidly publish to PDF, web, and mobile

Today’s employees expect procedures to be available in modern digital formats – web in the office and mobile in the field. But all too often companies are stuck distributing procedures in costly, outdated print because formatting to other channels is too costly. Let Quark help. Our intelligent platform can publish the same piece of content to print, web, PDF and mobile. And with our background in digital publishing, you can have the confidence that your procedures will look right in every format, every time.

Built-In Previews

Make sure your procedures look pixel perfect

As you build your procedures, you’ll inevitably want to make sure they look right in their published form. Quark Procedure Management’s built-in previewing system renders previews for you on-demand, letting you see how your procedures look for print, web, and mobile. You can have confidence that your procedures will look pixel perfect in whatever medium they’re published.

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate with the business tools you already use

Quark Procedure Management uses the latest API technologies to enable easy and secure integration with everything from Microsoft Office to complex business infrastructures. Our platform can integrate with many popular product information systems, enterprise content management systems, user directory platforms, and more.