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From structured document authoring and template design to omnichannel publishing

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) automates every stage of creating and publishing numerous types of content, including product data sheets, codes and standards, training manuals, financial and investment documents, legal forms, product labels and more. From small businesses to global enterprises, all organizations benefit from content automation by increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction, lowering production and distribution costs, and demonstrating compliance.

Your Content, Your Way



workflows for authoring, designing and updating content.



and store content components for easy assembly and reuse.



across roles and departments for reviews, edits and approvals.



consistent content across the desired channels.

Benefits of Quark Publishing Platform

Benefits of Quark Publishing Platform

Deployed on-premises or as SaaS, QPP can be implemented as an end-to-end publishing solution or integrated with existing IT and business systems, including Microsoft Office. Use this plugin to transform Excel tables and charts, PowerPoint slides and more into content components – all while preserving colors, styles and formatting.

With Quark Publishing Platform, your organization will realize benefits such as:

  • Develop different workflows for different content types, so you can automate manual, error-prone and time-consuming tasks.
  • Write, design and publish content with built-in intelligence, quality and compliance, including synchronized updates across documents and insertion of legal text and disclaimers.
  • Maintain consistent branding and messaging across channels for faster output and faster time to value.
  • Reuse and repurpose content, eliminating the duplicate creation of text, images, charts and other components.
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of meeting meet specific use cases, especially in regulated environments.
  • Rest assured, knowing the relevant content will go to the right people via the right devices at the right time.
  • Ensure content security with user-, role- and group-based access control and authentication.

Quark Publishing Platform Key Capabilities

Structured,Componentized Authoring
Componentized Authoring

Use Quark Author, our web-based content authoring tool, or Quark XML Author, our Microsoft Word plug-in, to create content components. Authors also may work offline and can use their mobile devices.

Branded, Design-Rich Templates
Branded, Design-Rich

Use QuarkXPress to create layouts for various content templates, conformed to your brand guidelines for styles, colors and themes. You also can import and edit PDFs from other sources, including native Adobe PDFs.

Content Storage & Assembly
Content Storage &

Store content components, including video, audio and other interactive elements, and assemble them automatically to meet different requirements for different content types.

Version Control & Comparison
Version Control &

Revert to older versions of content and keep track of all changes made by all editors. Also compare versions in a simple “track changes” view that shows who made what changes and where.

Metadata & Taxonomy
Metadata & Taxonomy

Tag content with metadata, which adds critical context and meaning and makes locating important content assets easy.


Leave comments and track changes as part of review-and-approval workflows, and see the collaboration history to understand the context of changes over time.

Multi-Channel Previews
Multi-Channel Previews

Preview content exactly as it will render when published to multiple channels.

Omnichannel Publishing
Omnichannel Publishing

Publish content to print, PDF, HTML5, Web, XML, tablet and mobile apps, and other digital formats.

Smart Content Starts with Structured Authoring

Smart Content is the foundation for content automation because it is structured, componentized and tagged with metadata so it can be searched, tracked, updated and reused.

Smart Content can include tables, charts, images, video, footnotes, citations and more, enabling you to publish in print, PDF and responsive digital outputs.

Quark Publishing Platform enables structured authoring via two tools:

quark author logo

This web-based, structured content authoring tool provides an intuitive online authoring experience. Subject-matter experts can rapidly create, preview, publish and reuse content with ease. Users don’t encounter the complexity of generating semantically-rich XML and Smart Content schema, but they benefit from that automation.

quark XML author logo

A Microsoft Word plugin that allows writers to develop structured XML in this familiar environment without requiring XML expertise. It supports native XML metadata, including standard and industry-specific tagging options that users can apply directly while authoring within Word.

Create Content That Works

Automate your publishing operations, including authoring, template design, component storage, review/approval and omnichannel publishing with Quark Publishing Platform.  Whatever your corporate or industry requirements, QPP provides cost-effective development of content components and supports their management, assembly and publishing to meet different needs for engaging, format-specific design and interactivity across a variety of channels.