The Benefits of Content Intelligence

Content intelligence helps cut through the noise and serves as the basis for agile content strategies that meet audiences’ needs. It enables you to make great first impressions, nurture relationships, and stay relevant in the face of constant competition for your audiences’ attention. After all, consumers are exposed to between 400 and 10,000 advertisements per day, according to Deloitte’s trends report.

The right content intelligence software should make it easy to aggregate, curate, recommend and share enterprise content assets that are engaging, personalized and reflective of real-time trends. With continuous improvement that’s based on data – not guesswork – your organization can enjoy benefits such as:

Improved Alignment &

Gain more control over the content lifecycle with a centralized repository that aggregates all content assets, even those from other apps like OneDrive, so you can easily locate approved assets while avoiding unnecessary recreation and rework.

Powerful Targeting &

Use dynamic AI and ML capabilities to create recommendations about the right combination of audience, messaging and channel. The result? Stunning, highly personalized content experiences.

Content Spend

Leverage dashboards and reports to clearly track and analyze content performance. Figure out what’s working, what’s not, and determine the best opportunities for further content investment.

More than 60%

of global consumers said they will increase their use of digital channels and technologies this year

– Deloitte’s 2021 global marketing trends report

Why Quark for
Content Intelligence?

Quark Docurated is a SaaS solution for content intelligence that’s trusted by enterprises around the world when they need to deliver curated content and analyze its performance. There’s a wealth of data surrounding your content – and it’s just waiting to be mined – but you’ll need the right tools to transform data-driven insights into actionable content strategies.

With comprehensive integrations and powerful ML and AI capabilities for content management and intelligence, Quark Docurated helps organizations:

  • Aggregate content (including the integration of existing repositories) and create a single source of truth to safeguard alignment, compliance and productivity.
  • Leverage a Google-like search engine and rich metadata to easily tag, organize and search for assets across content collections, categories and topics.
  • Use AI-powered content insights and recommendations to share content based on aspects like popularity, relevance and recency.
  • Track engagement and score content using customizable dashboards and reports, so you can continuously improve based on real data – not gut feelings or guesswork.

Top Use Cases for Content Intelligence

Enterprises produce high volumes of content for many internal and external audiences. Therefore, content intelligence serves all departments that create a lot of highly replicable or frequently reused content assets and want to optimize their content strategies. That includes use cases such as:

Content Aggregation
Asset Management
Knowledge Management
Digital Learning
Syllabus Management
Marketing Enablement
Sales Enablement

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